Sexual dimorphism of Bigfoot

The data on this problem are not significant. But this problem is significant. Cryptobiology is approach for study of biological objects and phenomena under deficiency of information. The less information the higher demand for its consideration, the more methods must be used. Theoretical biology of sex is real branch of modern science, having effective methods. Some of them may become a new tools for study of Bigfoot. Position of me and my collegus is that Bigfoot is real biological species controlled by general biological laws including laws of sexual dimorphism. The present work is synthesis of two paradigma. First - theory on man and Bigfoot as system of species - ecological twins. 2nd is theoretical biology of sex suggested by professor V.Geodakyan.


This science is next stage of evolution by cryptozoology. Cryptozoology was suggested by B.Heuvelmans at 1955 as "Scientific study of hidden animals, i.e. still unknown animal forms about which only testimonial and circumstantial evidence is available, or material evidence considered in sufficient by some". The main basis of cryptozoology was zoology. Traditional methods of zoology and close science are not sufficient for study biological enigma now. At 1988 I suggested a new term - cryptobiology. Cryptobiology is science for study of biological objects and phenomena under deficiency of information. The important basis of modern biology is recurrency. It cant be absolute. According to applied mathematics for biological study, there are significant probabilities. They are three - 95%, 99%, 99,9%. If repetability of experiments or searching or monitoring is 94% or less - the results are not significant. But little repetability doesn't means absence of phenomena. Low repetability means impossibility of control of phenomena. Phenomena and object with low persistence may be within science too. Meteorits or sphere flash are object of low repetability, but they exist. Modern ecology and zoology may control situation needful for detection of wolf, fox, bare, fawn and many other "ordinary" animals. But situation of meeting with Bigfoot is not controlled at all. Cryptobiology deals with objects an phenomena having repetability significantly more than zero, but less than 95% (e.g. meeting with Bigfoot). Cryptobiology is study of biological enigma within system of scientific knowledge. The difference between ordinary biology and cryptobiology is pattern of methods. Cryptobiology uses but ordinary methods, methods by applied mathematics, theory of testimonies and other methods, missing by usial natural science. Cryptobiology is vanguard of attack for unknown. Cryptobiology is prediction of tomorrow natural science.

Species - ecological twins

They are close species inhabiting the same ecological niche during limited time. They are unstable system. Their evolution is extreamly fast. Population of the first species increases, population of the second decreases. The ecological differences between them amplifiers. At last species diverge into different ecological niches according to Gause law. Species - ecological twins are often phenomena of anthropogenesis. Human evolution was evolution into two directions - biological and social-biological. Bigfoot is fruit of first branch. We are fruit by the second one. Ecological characters of two branches are reciprocal. Maximal population of Bigfoot is within places of minimal man population.

Theoretical biology of sex

According to theory by prof. V.Geodakyan, males and females have different evolutionary function. Males are vanguard of evolution. Females are rear of evolution. Males have maximal variability for adopt for e new ecological situation. Females are stable and solid for conserve achivements of evolution. Male mortality is maximal, females mortality is minimal. Reproductive function of males is maximal. Even under high mortality, survive females are sufficient for insemination of all females. The future population depends on previous females population. The sexuality of males (and men) is very high. Men love women, women dont love men, but love children. It is law of evolution.

Mortality of males is not tragedy. Population have no interest for any specimens. It must survive as a whole system. Under extremal ecological condition, the per cent of a new burned males increase for buster natural selection. Ontogenic law of sexual dimorphism mean - during ontogenesis the primary traits are typical for woman, the secondary for men. That is, baby is more close to woman, old woman - for man.

Phylogenetic law of sexual dimirohism mean - new evolutionary traits are more typical for males, old - for females. That is, female is more close to apes. The line females - males is line of evolution. E.g. species, which males are bigger than females have evolution mode fore increase of size and so on. Men are bigger than women, and modern man - as species - is higher that ancient one.

One time at scientific conference, Geodakyan got a question - what facts are contradict to his theory. Professor answered:

- Men are more hairy than women, but our ancestors were hairy hominides.


All primates but man are hairy. One name of man - naked ape. All our ancestors including neanderthal people are considered as hairy. Is such opinion correct? People appeared in hot Africa and did not needs hairy cover. The image of ancient people is reconstructed by fossil records. Hairs are not fossilized.

According to me, Bigfoot - Homo troglodythes - is young biological species, more young than man - Homo sapiens. Hairs cover of it is well known fact. May be, hairs cover disappeared within such a species as Homo habilis or Homo erectus. Bigfoot appeared 50 - 100 thousand years old, and hairs were progressive character for him and for family Hominidae. If it is truth, men of both Bigfoot and Homo sapiens must be more hairy than women females. This hypothesis have no strong confirmation, but may be, they will be found in future.

Competing systems with alternative subsystems of reaction on environment

Philosophy law - the effective progress of system must be based on distribution of the system into two subsystems, with general structure and alternative adaptation to environment. Two sex species are more progressive than sexless. Social progress had maximal speed in 2nd half of 20 century, then world was divided into 2 systems - communism and capitalism. Every system has element of fast reaction and conservative. Sometimes function of elements may reverse.

Species Homo sapiens appeared about 100 000 years ago (or more). The oldest subspecies is Neandethal man. He had both biological and social (protosocial) characters of adaptation. It had 2 possibility of evolution - by social (development of complicated and collective behavior) and biological (development of muscles, sensory, extracensory) ways. Under first variant social elements would be fast reaction system, biological element - conservative. Second variant has reciprocal structure. The first branch went to gracil neandethal men and to us. The second branch went through massive neanderthal people to a new species - Bigfoot.

Species divorced to different ecological niches and got behavior minimizing probability of meeting. Bigfoot is horror object from our point of view. We are horror object from its point of view (The psichological effect of film "King Kong" is based on human fobia for wildman).

Interaction within two-species-systems lead to effective proliferation and all over the world distribution of man. Biological way of adaptation appeared to become less perspective. Population of Bigfoot is small, but survive. Perfect sensory and extrasensory possibility get him possibility to miss meeting with man, as far as Bigfoot wants to miss them.

Evolution of social and biological characters within two-species-system

Possibility for biological location and telepathy is character of man, but the characters are rudiment and hidden. This possibility are regressive. Intellectual possibility are progressive. According to data, got by me and collegues during expedition, extrasensory perception is more typical for woman and children than for adult man. Our way of evolution is social and intellectual way.

The intelectual adaptation are regressive for Bigfoot. He lost language and material culture and adopted by biological way. Biological progress of Bigfoot was extrimal. It is giant, strong, quick locomoting animal having strong sense organs. He is bigger than his ancestors - neanderthal man - many times. The mass of Bigfoot may be 350 kg. Biological characters being progressive for Bigfoot, must be more typical for males. This idea has no strong confirming. But we have information, that the most brilliant phenomena of extracensory characters of Bigfoot are more typical for males.

The summarizing of the chapter is in table.

Table. Dominant characters of behavior
Bigfoot Man Homo sapiens
Man biological social
Woman social biological


The present idea are speculate without strong confirmation. But they may become useful because of 1. It may be base for effective model describing a number of biological processes, 2. It may help in suggestion of program of searching of Bigfoot.

Valentin Sapunov

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