2 aspects of Bigfoot nature

The first approach to Bigfoot study is biological. The 2nd is abnormal. Biological aspect deals with confirmation of its existence as real biological species. There are 6 groups of such a facts:

1. Testimonies.
2. Tracks and footprints.
3. Biological damages.
4. Fecales.
5. Photo- and video cards and films.
6. Parts of body.

Every group of evidences has many materials considering in press. It is possible to discuss and to doubt every facts from every groups. Specialists may belive or not belive into every footprint, bone, film and so on. But all pattern of material is absolutely significant and can't be missed by modern science. The data suggest that Bigfoot is real biological species from order primates. It's place is between man and apes. This position is confirmed by Academy of Sciences of USSR and its successor - Russian Academy of sciences. Academically commission "On the study of question on "snowman''' was found at 1958. Its leadership were such well-known scientists as prof. S.Obruchev, Prof. K.Stanyukovich, Prof. B.Porshnev. The position of commission was following. Bigfoot is degenerative branch of late Neanderthal man, survived to modern time. Commission did not catch wildman, but nobody considered its activity as example of anti-science. In majority of glossaries, published but Soviet and Russian Academy of science the same position is fixed.

There is other aspect of Bigfoot problem. Occasionally, some phenomena, connected with object exist out of the field of modern science. For begin, its elusively is strange. Efforts for catching of Bigfoot are not giant. But it appeared to be strange that a big ape with known ecology are not available for catching during many years. The parts of body - hairs, bones, teeth are known, but at little scale.

Some appearances of Bigfoot are strange. Sometimes it fixed in paradox places - such as elevator of St.Petersburg living house. Many witnesses talk about its possibility to disappear, dissolving in air. Sometimes such a strange testimonies are significant and can't be missed by science. I am aquatinted with many researches having the following evolution. For begin they considered Bigfoot as usual rare ape and studied it using primatology methods, effective for gorilla, chimpanzee, orang-utahn. To the end of scientific carrier this scientists got to idea, that usual biological methods are not significant for Bigfoot study. The object, according to these scientists, has abnormal nature, like UFO. The modern science is not ready for Bigfoot understanding.

What approach for Bigfoot understanding must be more fruitful - biological of abnormal? What about possibility of modern science to understand phenomena of Bigfoot?

According to east philosophy, the reality is between limits. Where is midline between 2 approaches to Bigfoot? The axiom is - miracles are absent. As told Saint Augoostin "Miracle does not contradict to reality. Miracles contradicts with our knowledge on reality".

According to Ch.Darwin, evolution is divergent. Every form evolves into two having maximal difference. This is true for anthropogenesis. Two branches are biological and social. Human history is interaction between two such characters. Biological hominids evolved using muscle forces. Social hominids used intellect forces. The evolution (or God) asked strong question - what branch would be muster of Earth. Homo sapiens modernis won this evolution competition. But every victory includes roots of future defeats. Alternative biological, branch did not suffocated at all. It saved as hidden species - Bigfoot. It is not only rare species. It is alternative way of antropogenesis. It is safety device of biosphere.

Let us consider historical example. Many unknown brilliant scientists made genial inventions, lonely waiting its time. If they got the time, hidden inventions became well known, changing humanity fate. Wildman is unknown genius of evolution. His mission - improve biological manners of primate adaptation till extremal progress. These biological adaptations are possible for primates, but may be invalid for our understanding. Bigfoot may use hidden phenomena of brain, such as suggestion, telepathy, clairvoyance and so on. We have such phenomena, as a rare not controlled pathology. Such phenomena are everyday life of Bigfoot. A little analog is ancient Japan terrorist ninja, that, appeared, was able to became invisible. The laws of optic do not desroyed. But real laws of vision and psychology were well known by ninja and used practically. There are data, that some manner of "ninja-tsu" school were suggested by study of Bigfoot, that lived at Japan islands in ancient time. Image of our rival fixed in subconscious deepness of our brain. This image is used in successive effect of some terrible films (such as "King Kong").

Our memory and ape memory has two types of information. The first is result of individual experience. The 2nd is gene memory. A little baby that did not saw snake or scorpion will not attach them. Their gene memory would say - such object is dangerous. Leningrad-Petersburg scientists Prof. L.Firsov made interest experiments. He gotten apes burned and lived in zoo into nature of North Europe. Appeared that apes never being in forests before knew which plants and animals are edible, which are poisoned and which are dangerous.

According to evolution ecology law, the most dangerous are not predator or parasite. They do not suffocate their preys at all. The most dangerous enemy is competitor. It may suffocate alternative species absolutely. Hence, modern Homo sapiens wants to except of Bigfoot image, considering it as abominable. Bigfoot image may be invited from subconscious deepness of brain not only by real meeting. It may be result of abnormal brain activity by shock or drug effect. Man-animal is wide spread hallucination of ill people.

Czech scientist living in USA Stanislav Grof suggested idea of Trans-personal experiences. Under abnormal brain activity man switch on information that must be experience of other persons. May be that transpersonal emotion switch on images, having importance for survive of our ancestors. Image of Bigfoot is important participant of transpersonal experiences. This position makes clear some fantastic examples of Bigfoot phenomena

Reciprocal situation may take place. Witnesses may forget about real meeting with Bigfoot. Bigfoot may help to "forgot" about meeting.

Considering Bigfoot we can't miss foundations of modern science. Let list conclusions not contradicting with modern science.

1. The sum of data suggests that Bigfoot is real biological species.
2. Human evolution dealed with two variants of athropogenesis - biological and social. We are result of social way. Bigfoot - of biological way.
3. Bigfoot is not extinct rudiment species, but real research laboratory experiencing with alternative way of evolution and biosphere development.
4. According to T. De Chardin and V.Vernadsky, biosphere generated a new sphere of Earth - noosphere that is sphere of social activity of humanity. Alternative variant of Earth development would be possible by Bigfoot victory. This possibility is not closed. If our civilization will suffocate (keep in mind existence of 60 000 atomic and nuclear bombs) alternative variant will be possible.

Hence, we may and we must study of Bigfoot. Studing we have keep in mind, that it is not only rare species. It is alternative way of humanity and biosphere development. Every step toward this way may get shocking news and unknown dangerous.

Valentin Sapunov
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